CAPITALAND....... Land of Capital Growth

Investing in Capitaland was one of my most memorable journey in 2019. Capitaland is listed in SGX and is part of STI index component. It's main business units focusing on investment properties which generating recurring incomes from rental and trading properties as developer in major cities like Singapore, China and Vietnam. You can google it to learn more about Capitaland.

The share price had been depressed for some time between late 2018 and early 2019. Singapore and China properties cooling measures had dented investor's confidents in the company's prospects. It is because the majority of its investments are concentrated in China and Singapore, more that >75%. It's gets worst with the on-going trade war between China and US.

Investment journey.....
I saw a window of opportunity here to make an investment. Looking outside the window, many see storms approaching and raging winds . What I saw outside was a rainbow beyond the horizon after the storms cleared. And that was how the journey started. Accumulating at low pricing between SGD3.00 to SGD3.30. Continued this journey until I had exhausted most of my SGD funds in my trading acc. It was partly because I also accumulating huge positions in REITs at the same time. You can read my previous posting on REITs investing if you interested to know more. Yes, there was a huge risk in the horizon, but I had never regret making this journey.

Tailwinds...... wind of change
In Jan 2019, the rainbow finally appeared. Temasek announced the merger of Capitaland and Ascendas-Singbridge. This deals will see Temasek injecting ASB asset into Capitaland and Capitaland to issue new share at $3.50 to Temasek. This announcement helps to boost the share price and confidents in the market.   

At the end of the journey.....
I finally decided to lock in profit at $3.50 per share, net profit of $18,65511% return in 5 months journey. As you can see in the chart above the share price continued to appreciate after I sold. I have no regrets because I can always embark a new journey in this investment world.

Personal notes:
I viewed investment as a journey, not just the end goal of generating income. You need to have the PASSION in what you do and I really enjoy the whole process of investing from early planning to execution. Regardless if I really make or loss money in the journey, I will make sure it's a memorable experience that keep you going. That is the part of my life's journey that I enjoyed the most. PASSION!

And that is my investment journey....

-William Cheng      

                                      Just completed watching this Drama recently. Enjoy!

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